Engineering Services


The following activities are developed by personnel with specific experience gained in the implementation of major projects in Oil & Gas Industries (On-Shore & Off-shore) and Energy Plant.

For complex projects development we, usually, work in partnership with other engineering companies, maintaining leadership in relations with the Client.

All engineering company, affiliated with us, are equipped with the same software for project modelling and development.

Potential resources:
n° 4 – 6 project coordinator engineers
n° 2 – 4 design engineers (structures/pressure parts)
n° 8 – 10 modellers engineer (structures/piping/components)
n° 16 – 20 modellers/draftsmen (structures/piping/components)

Our main activities for engineering projects development are:
a. Cost Estimation, Feasibility studies and improvement of project engineering (constructability on request).
b. Structures Modelling (using Tekla, ProE), Piping Modelling (using PDS-Intergraph, PDMS Aveva).
c. Elaboration of construction method and development of project fabrication detailed engineering for structures & piping (animated 3D and/or Autocad 2D fabrication sequences, centre of gravity definition, structural verifications on fabrication method, weighing, lifting, transportation and load out procedures, fabrication shop drawings, MTO & WSL, operational nesting and follow-up).
d. Structures: Modelling (using Tekla, ProE), fabrication shop dwgs drawn out from the 3D model and converted in Autocad 2D drawings following the WBS criteria of company fabrication engineering (Assembly, sub-assembly, mark, …).
e. Piping: Modelling (using PDS-Intergraph, PDMS Aveva), iso shop dwgs processed and automatically generated with software like Spoolgen-Intergraph and /or Spooler-Aveva (if any PDS-Intergraph and/or PDMS Aveva model is available), otherwise shop isos are developed in manual Autocad 2D.
f. Design and basic engineering of structures, components, piping, pressure parts (using SAP2000 for structures, PVElite for pressure vessels and AutoPIPE Plus for stress analysis).
g. Preparation/Issue of Engineering Specification and/or Procedures (Fabrication Spec., Data Sheets, Mat. Requisition, Inspection Data Sheet, … Bid Technical Evaluation).
h. Project engineering management and follow-up with personnel with specific experience gained in the implementation of major projects in Oil & Gas Industries (On-Shore & Off-shore) and Energy Plant for.
i. Specialized Training of Technicians for activities: Estimating, Times, Methods and Production Planning, Manufacturing Techniques. The project, to be configured together with companies, provides the phase of theoretical training and operational support to the planned level of operation is reached. The courses are taught by qualified personnel which has gained important experience in manufacturing companies with innovative materials and technologies.
The activities at points h-i can be developed in our offices or in the Client Shop and/or Yard facilities.